Takeaways from GSMA MWC Barcelona 2022

Vanshika Rai and Aditya Kshirsagar | Tue 15th Mar, 2022

GSMA MWC is a trade fair for mobile and telecom industries present all over the world. More than 60,000 attendees gather to see what is the next move that the mobile industry and telecom companies have to offer. They showcase the upgraded technologies they have and how they can create an entirely new ecosystem with 5G, metaverse, AI, and much more.

Here are the highlights from the MWC 2022:

1. Cloud: In the coming future, we can see billions of devices that are going to be connected to cloud computing, which is currently growing by 35% y-o-y and is expected to grow by 64% y-o-y over the next five years.

2. Upgraded gadgets: Companies like Samsung, Google, Orange, Xiaomi, Oppo, One plus, and many more, presented their upgraded mobile phones, smartwatches, robots, VCR, integrated 5G, AI, metaverse into their devices.

3. Carbon Emission: The mobile industry aims at smart tech to achieve net-zero carbon emission by 2050 and to limit global warming by 1.5 degrees, as they’re responsible for approx. 40% of the total carbon emissions and they’re prepared to deduce it.

4. Possibilities of 5G: almost 180 mobile operators in 70 markets around the world have launched commercial 5G services. It majorly benefits health tech, fintech, sports tech, gaming, etc. which will increase the mobile traffic even more.

Facts: 5G will cover 21% of total connections by 2025. Few developed countries would have 5G penetration of more than 50%. Total. 5G connections are expected to go up from 380mn in 2021 to 2.7bn in 2025. It is not surprising that more than 80% of new investments are going towards 5G.

5. Super connectivity: Telco companies are focussing on providing affordable connectivity and digitizing the economy. 5G will make the internet more accessible, and a smoother ride on mobile devices, which translates into more potential customers browsing online, with faster websites and apps to serve them. Telcos form the backbone of every other technology, a door to the future!

5G penetration (Source: Quint) It is expected to have 1 Billion 5G connections by the end of this year (2022)

6. 5G Autonomous drones: A project of creating 5G drones for both indoors and outdoors was also displayed in GSMA MWC. It consists of deploying Unmanned Life’s orchestration platform for autonomous devices (AGV, drones, robots) via drone demo kits on the MobiledgeX Telco Edge Cloud platform, especially for sectors that lack surveillance and security functions

7. Metaverse Qualcomm: 5G AR glasses that communicate with phone over WiFi and phone communicates with the server over 5G; 5G cloud gaming from cloud serves to deliver rich interactive digital experiences to users, and many other services (Link)

8. Internet Penetration: People who don’t use mobile internet make 3.7 billion (includes coverage gap and user gap). Mobile Internet users will reach 60% or 5 billion by 2025, the GSMA predicts; smartphones will make up 81% of mobile connections in 2025, up from 68% in 2020.

9. IoT ecosystem: The global IoT market will make up the revenue of $1.1 trillion by 2025, as market value shifts from connectivity to platforms, applications, and services, according to new data from GSMA Intelligence. This will lead to 25 billion IoT connections by the IoT market.

“As the number of connected consumer devices and industrial machines grow rapidly, the IoT ecosystem will evolve to become a trillion-dollar market over the course of the next decade,” said Sylwia Kechiche, Principal Analyst, IoT, GSMA Intelligence.

10. Qualcomm Snapdragon: A suite of SoC semiconductors that provide products for mobile devices, has combined its technology with 5G and has created the first-ever 5G modem RF system with an integrated AI processor, improves speed, coverage, facilities like wifi, Bluetooth, etc. Visit the link to know more about their upcoming products.

“We’re looking forward to spirited discussions, powerful keynotes, and seeing the very best of innovation at MWC22. This year you will hear from many industry leaders with one thing in common. Mobile technology is driving their transformation,” said John Hoffman, CEO of GSMA Ltd. (Source- Article link)

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