Nuclei announces partnership with SafeGold to enable Digital Gold solutions on Mobile Banking Apps

Siddharth Goyal | Wed 22nd Jul, 2020

Nuclei has entered into a partnership with SafeGold, India’s largest digital gold platform provider. Through this collaboration, Nuclei can now seamlessly connect *Digital Gold solution\* by SafeGold to the mobile app of any Bank. This will enable the customers to purchase and sell 24K physical gold online, for as low as INR 1, from their own Banking platform.

Post the outbreak of the coronavirus, more consumers are leaning towards traditional investments which are less volatile and safer. One of such option is Gold which has been a preferred investment product for the Indian audience for a very long time.

Customers aspiring for greater convenience, are now looking towards their trustworthy banking platforms as a one stop shop for all their requirements, both financial and non-financial. With the fully integrated digital gold solution by SafeGold & Nuclei, customers can now purchase, sell & get delivery of 24K gold at the click of a button from their mobile Banking apps.

This eliminates the requirement of visiting a physical store for any sale or purchase of Gold. It also further ensures better customer experience and satisfaction on Bank’s digital platforms. Nuclei’s ready to market, plug and play solution will help the banks launch the solution on their platforms within a few days.

Photo by [Dmitry Demidko]( on [Unsplash](

Nuclei will add the digital gold category to their aggregated marketplace for Banking apps which currently has 12+ categories across travel, mobility, credit score, gift cards, utility payments, etc. SafeGold’s digital platform allows you to buy, sell and take delivery of 24k physical gold, at low ticket sizes, around the clock, with the tap of a button. Customers can also exchange this gold for jewellery online or offline through SafeGold’s Jeweller Partner network.

“We are very excited to partner with SafeGold and add this category to our marketplace. We have always been focussed on onboarding digital solutions which help our partner Banks offer popular financial & non-financial services to their customers.” Ankur Joshi, Founder & CEO of Nuclei. “With the addition of various features such as buy, sell and 24x7access, we want to provide bank’s customers the flexibility to invest asper their convenience.”

Speaking on the occasion, Gaurav Mathur, MD, SafeGold, said, “Customers today look to their banks to enable a wide range of services through an app linked marketplace. Gold is part of every Indian’s savings plan, and we are proud to have partnered with Nuclei to bring this unique product to customers who want to get the best, most convenient option to save in 24K physical Gold.”


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