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New Zealand SaaS Market Outlook

Tue 25th Oct, 2022

New Zealand is unlocking NZD 46.6 bn by 2030 through Digital Transformation

Digital Demographics:

  • Population: 5.12 mn
  • Internet Penetration: 92 %
  • Smartphone Penetration: 90%

Cloud Market:

  • Public Cloud Market Revenue: USD 1.29 bn (2021)
  • Public Cloud Market Revenue: USD 3 bn (2026)
  • Public Cloud Market Revenue CAGR: 18% (2021-26)

Digital Transformation Initiatives by Government for SMEs

Digital Boost Program:

  • Launched by Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment in 2020
  • Key Digital Boost Program initiatives to date include:

    • Digital Boost Spotlight Series
    • Digital Boost Educate
    • Digital Boost Directory
    • Digital Boost Alliance Aotearoa
    • Digital Boost Checkable

Digital Boost program has reached more than 40,000 SMB sign ups so far!

SMEs are Digitizing:

79% of SMEs say DX is very important to them

Industry players are seizing the opportunity: Banks like ASB alongside telcos like Vodafone and Spark are providing a range of SaaS offerings to the SMEs.

Pain Points that still remain:

For SMEs:

  • Zero to low bargaining power on SaaS purchases
  • SaaS expenses up by 14x in last 7 years

For Banks:

  • No product differentiation for SMEs
  • Limited rewards on commercial cards

For Telcos:

  • Limited product differentiation
  • Limited reward/value prop for commercial users

How can Nuclei's SaaS Marketplace help?

  • Businesses earn recurring discounts on SaaS purchases
  • End to end partner management
  • Plug and play integration


For SMEs:

  • Reduced expenses, recurring discounts
  • Better visibility into growing SaaS expenses

For Banks:

  • Beyond Banking: Launch a unique reward program
  • Attract net new customers
  • MDR + Commission

For Telcos:

  • Beyond Connectivity: Product differentiation
  • Commission on each license


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