Letter #21: What we’re reading at Nuclei

Ankur Joshi | Fri 1st May, 2020

We have a choice to make: do we want to throw money at the problem, or throw bodies at the problem?

Every world leader has been fooled by a small number of coronavirus cases and the power of exponential growth.

A very interesting take on the current corona virus crisis, which has gripped the world. Must read.

I love space documentaries. Something about going into the unknown is very fascinating. This documentary from netflix — A Year in Space —is about an experiment, which Nasa ran on genetically identical twins (luckily both are astronauts).

Scott Kelly spent nearly a year at International Space Station

One spent a year in Space and Nasa compared his health / tests with his twin brother, who was on earth. This gave them insights into how a human body changes / reacts while spending a lot of time in zero gravity. This is supposed to provide a lot of answers for when humans travel to mars.

Old but gold from Naval Ravikant. Always good to refresh the difference between wealth, money and status. Recalibrate your human compass.

They say “fake it, till you make it”. Read this insider’s account of 1st iPhone demo. It’s amazing to learn the lengths to which Steve Jobs went to make sure that an extremely buggy iPhone looked great during the presentation.

There is a lesson to be learnt here for all of us.

iPhone’s biggest problem: it often ran out of memory and had to be restarted if made to do more than a handful of tasks at a time. Jobs had a number of demo units onstage with him to manage this problem. If memory ran low on one, he would switch to another while the first was restarted.


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