Letter #18: What we’re reading at Nuclei

Ankur Joshi | Fri 31st Jan, 2020

An awesome twitter thread on the history, works and spirit of Syndicate Bank’s founder. Very few threads are so fascinating and awe-inspiring.

Being a dog-father, I also love the fact that they have a dog in their logo! Which upholds their motto of faithful and friendly :)

**Amazonia doesn’t produce 20% of world’s oxygen! — Ramakant Kushwaha

Think about it: For every batch of carbon dioxide molecules trees pull out of the air, they push a comparable number of oxygen molecules back out. Given that the atmosphere contains less than half a percent of carbon dioxide, but 21 percent oxygen, it’s not possible for the Amazon to generate that much oxygen.

Trees don’t just produce oxygen, they also consume it, in fact over 50% of what they produce, at night. The rest is used up by countless animals, microbes, etc. who live in Amazon.

Amazon (and other modern ecosystems) probably has a net-zero effect on oxygen levels in our atmosphere.

Modern ecosystems barely budge oxygen levels in the atmosphere. Instead, the oxygen we breathe is the legacy of phytoplankton in the ocean that have over billions of years steadily accumulated oxygen that made the atmosphere breathable.

Zimbabwe’s economy runs on Tesla!

Due to extreme shortage of cash, the economy runs on digital transactions, mainly through mobile networks. But erratic electricity and lack of Diesel supply, telcos are forced to depend on Tesla batteries to run their stations. These stations power the telco network through which digital transactions flow.

Tesla powerwall battery at a telco site

Meaning only one thing, Tesla is literally running Zimbabwe’s economy! :)

Recently, I read the book — Netflixed. Blockbuster nearly had Netflix, with their hybrid offering of online+offline. But due to the arrogance of Icahn in removing Antioco, bureaucracy between the offline & online teams and few other issues, blockbuster failed.

Old Navy is trying out the same offline + online hybrid model. Will be interesting to see how this turns out.

Pipe: How the System Call That Ties Unix Together Came About


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