Headout & Nuclei partner to enable customers to book events & experiences

Siddharth Goyal | Wed 7th Oct, 2020

Nuclei, a leading provider of lifestyle banking and marketplace solutions, has entered into a partnership with Headout, an experiences platform that connects travelers to local activities around them at the push of a button. This partnership helps Banks in the Middle East and the rest of Asia, to offer their customers the feature to discover and book local events from within their mobile banking applications.

Nuclei and Headout have come together to enable Banks to provide a superior digital experience and expand options for the customers to engage with their banks on a more regular basis. Banks across the UAE, Saudi Arabia & the rest of the Middle East region have embarked on the path of digital transformation, looking to provide a more holistic experience to their customers and evolve their mobile applications to become more like Super Apps.

Nuclei will add events and local experiences booking to their lifestyle merchant marketplace solution for Banking apps which currently has close to 15 categories including flights, hotels, offers, gift cards, credit score, utility payments, etc. Partner Banks will be able to offer a collection of unique and personalized local events and experiences to their customer base, through a single integration.

Ankur Joshi, Founder & CEO of Nuclei, spoke on the announcement, “We are stoked to onboard a partner of the likes of Headout. They are an incredible team that has achieved something unique in the field of travel. Our Banking partners in the Middle East and the rest of the globe are equally excited to add their collection of events and experiences to Banks’ mobile applications.”

“Headout’s mission is to enable users’ to experience the best of our world seamlessly. Partnering with Nuclei helps us put world-class experiences right at the tap of discerning travelers who are loyal customers of various partners bank across Asia and the Middle East. This partnership is a win-win for all involved and is a testimony to the ease of use of our partner technology and the quality of our experiences worldwide”, said Varun Khona, Co-Founder and CEO of Headout.

About Headout: Experiencing the world we live in is fundamental to our collective happiness. Headout is an experiences marketplace that unlocks this happier world by connecting high-quality experiences with people across the globe, giving them the opportunity to be entertained and inspired. It has been featured on the App Store multiple times and has offices in New York, Bangalore, London, Dubai, Hong Kong & Berlin.

About Nuclei: Nuclei is a FinTech SaaS platform that enables Banks to integrate any 3rd party product or service within their mobile application. Nuclei’s Platform is today powering Merchant Marketplace for 16 major Banks across the Middle East and the rest of Asia, with over 3 million transactions per month, across 15 categories and 40 merchant partners. Some of the Banks include RAK Bank, SBI, ICICI, BoB, IndusInd, Federal, Canara Bank, etc.

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