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Cleartrip Partnership with Nuclei

Mon 11th Apr, 2022

Cleartrip is a global online travel company. It operates an online travel aggregator website for booking flights, train tickets, hotel reservations, and activities.

COVID - 19 had a major impact on the travel business impacting all avenues of the industry. With travel and borders both closed, the travel industry took a major hit during the lockdown, but as the borders opened up, it was important for OTAs to pick up quickly to offset the recorded losses. Cleartrip wanted to capitalize on alternative channels beyond their own app and website, to increase revenue and acquire users to offset the loss in business.

Cleartrip worked with Nuclei to focus their business onto banking channels. In the next 6 months, there was a 360% growth in GMV through Banking channels.

This was in addition to any revenue generated from its own website or app. These were the users that made the purchase through the mobile banking application. Through our network of banks, we extend Cleartrips services to various mobile banking apps helping them generate additional revenue and reach out to new customers.

GMV data

User Acquisition

The focus is not simply on revenue but new user acquisition as well. With in-app Push notifications and branding, we observed a growth in the Monthly New Users from these channels. We noticed a 270% increase in new users on the platform which had reduced during the Covid -19 pandemic.

Transacting users

Overall, Cleartrip's partnership with Nuclei has been fruitful. Since the initiation of partnership, Cleartrip has been able to reach out to new customers through the banking channels and has generated a GMV of over $5 Million. Nuclei has been helping dozens of its partners reach out to new users and generate additional revenue through Banking channels.



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