DevOps Engineer II

Posted on Wed 25th Nov, 2020

Why are we building Nuclei? Before we started Nuclei, we listed down a few guiding principles. These were essentially the learnings from our previous startups/companies.

  • Think big, think global and not limit ourselves only to India.

  • Build a company, not a startup. We wanted to be sustainable from day 1 and build a profitable business.

  • Build for the long term, not flip it in a few years.

  • Leverage existing distribution, instead of spending $s in getting app downloads.

  • And most importantly, we wanted to change the perception about India, of being a back-office/outsourcing destination, to a product destination.

All the above points came together to form Nuclei's vision - "To build a well respected global product company out of India."

Why are we targeting the BFSI sector?

Obviously, we see a big opportunity in the BFSI sector and it aligns with all of our guiding principles. The banking industry is pretty uniform globally and our products can be easily scaled up across multiples banks and geographies. Working with banks has helped us run a profitable company from day 1 and we intend to remain profitable throughout. Coming to the problem - Today, banks are not just competing with other banks, but mainly with various consumer tech companies. And if they intend to remain relevant over the next 10yrs, they need to build a deeper relationship with their customers.

At Nuclei, we are building a platform which enables the banks to increase customer engagement and build a deeper relationship. We help them go-to-market with multiple third party products quickly, while providing a seamless customer experience.

Responsibilities and Duties

Work with in-house teams and partner teams, to resolve their issues related to security compliance, server configuration, performance, benchmarking etc. End-to-end responsibilities of cloud infrastructure which will be running on the various region (Azure, AWS, IBM, GCP, Oracle etc)

  • Handle Kubernetes setup, security, performance, benchmarking and monitoring

  • Handle deployment in K8s

  • Handle CI/CD with Jenkins, Github actions, Azure DevOps

  • Handle API Gateway and load balancer (Nginx, Istio, Gloo, HAProxy, Proxysql)

  • Handle infrastructure-related automation script (Ansible, chef etc.)Works with multiple business unit

  • Handle tools like Kafka, Elasticsearch, Redis, Mysql, Kibana, Grafana, Prometheus, Docker, Helm, Chartmuseum etc.

  • Work with cloud vendors (Azure, AWS, IBM, GCP, Oracle etc)

  • What we need

  • Education with 3-7 years of relevant work experience

  • Hands-on experience in Kubernetes should be able to handle 100+ pods at scale

  • Hands-on experience in CI/CD setup

  • Hands-on experience in automation tools like Ansible, Chef, Spinnaker, Jenkins etc.

  • Hands-on experience in benchmarking of tools

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