Associate Product Manager

Posted on Tue 22nd Dec, 2020

Why are we building Nuclei?

  1. Before we started Nuclei, we listed down a few guiding principles. These were essentially the learnings from our previous startups/companies.

  2. Think big, think global and not limit ourselves only to India.

  3. Build a company, not a startup. We wanted to be sustainable from day 1 and build a profitable business.

  4. Build for the long term, not flip it in a few years.

  5. Leverage existing distribution, instead of spending $s in getting app downloads. And most importantly, we wanted to change the perception about India, of being a back-office / outsourcing destination, to a product destination.

  6. All the above points came together to form Nuclei's vision - "To build a well respected global product company out of India."

Why are we targeting the BFSI sector?

Obviously, we see a big opportunity in the BFSI sector and it aligns with all of our guiding principles. The banking industry is pretty uniform globally and our products can be easily scaled up across multiples banks and geographies. Working with banks has helped us run a profitable company from day 1 and we intend to remain profitable throughout.

Coming to the problem - Today, banks are not just competing with other banks, but mainly with various consumer tech companies. And if they intend to remain relevant over the next 10yrs, they need to build a deeper relationship with their customers.

At Nuclei, we are building a platform which enables the banks to increase customer engagement and build a deeper relationship. We help them go-to-market with multiple third party products quickly, while providing a seamless customer experience.

Job Description

Own the entire lifecycle, from conception to launch of products that are of global standards.

  1. Identify market opportunities by understanding end-users needs, banks requirements, regulatory environment, competitive landscape, and fintech trends to define product roadmap in line with the company's vision

  2. Convert business requirements and market opportunities into actionable product deliverables by assessing target users, revenue potential, market feasibility (availability of vendor APIs), risks, eco-system fit, and global scale

  3. Interact with the clients on a day-to-day basis to gather and align on the business requirements for the product

  4. Prepare a detailed Product Requirements Documents(PRDs) including the WHAT, WHY, MVP, milestones, success metrics, dependencies, user stories, acceptance criteria, error scenarios, test cases and go to market strategy

  5. Create wireframes and collaborate with the design team for low and high fidelity UI designs and UX flows by conducting usability testing

  6. Conduct walkthrough of the product to dev and QA teams, remove blockers, resolve dependencies, validate technical specification document, collaborate with Project/POD lead for the task creation and delivery

  7. Give product signoff after thorough testing of the product, review of the test cases, and categorize and prioritize the bugs

  8. Devise a pre-launch strategy with all the stakeholders for app store optimisation, customer outreach through existing communication channels viz. email, push, text message, blogs, social media handles, coming soon banners, etc

  9. Maintain a stable build, measure the performance of the product using the metrics defined, market the product for acquisition and retention of the users

  10. Iterate and improve by collating the feedback from the end-users and all other stakeholders and assessing the change of landscape if any and incorporate the features to be built for future releases in the roadmap

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