Report: Banking SuperApps are Inevitable

Team Nuclei | Tue 20th Jun, 2023

A report by Nuclei and Infosys Finacle, delving into how banks can boost customer engagement with SuperApps and what approach they should take to create their SuperApp.


In this fast-paced digital era, where customers are increasingly seeking seamless and integrated experiences across all facets of their daily lives, SuperApps have emerged as a disruptive force. Recognizing the significance of this growing imperative, we partnered with Infosys | Finacle to delve into the significance of Super-Apps in the overall banking sector and its impact on the industry in the coming years.

The report ‘Banking SuperApps are Inevitable’, explores the importance of banks aligning with the evolving Super App landscape, including their implications on their business, tech infra and the response time for banks.

This report serves as a guide for bankers to become future-ready and position themselves as leaders in the new era of banking.

Banks and Super-Apps:

  1. Banks possess a crucial advantage in the Super App space - their existing trust and distribution networks. Unlike tech companies that invest substantial resources in building trust and distribution, banks already enjoy a high level of confidence due to their core banking activities and have a vast customer base to leverage. SuperApps like Paytm and Revolut have already successfully implemented this model.
  2. Proactively adopting SuperApps allows banks to enhance customer engagement, streamline revenue opportunities, and create competitive differentiation. Super-Apps enable banks to offer a seamless and convenient user experience, leading to increased customer retention and loyalty. Moreover, SuperApps provide banks with opportunities to generate additional revenue streams.
  3. Partnering with specialized startups accelerates the development and deployment of SuperApps, saving time, effort, and costs. Launching a successful Super app requires careful consideration of time and efficiency. In our report, we delve into the critical decision of "build versus buy" when it comes to Super app development.
  4. Case studies of banks that have successfully leveraged and benefited from the Super-App model. NuBank, SBI YONO, iMobile by ICICI, DBS Marketplace, Liv by Emirates NBD, and WeChat have successfully diversified their value propositions and captured a larger share of the digital economy through SuperApps.

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The advent of SuperApps presents a significant opportunity for banks to thrive and differentiate themselves in a competitive landscape. To navigate this digital transformation successfully, banks must embrace innovation, foster collaboration, prioritize customer-centricity, and invest in robust technology solutions. The ability to leverage technology effectively will be crucial in maintaining a competitive edge and meeting evolving customer expectations in the digital era.


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