Nuclei's Annual Letter 2021

Ankur Joshi | Fri 31st Dec, 2021

Life is nothing, if not celebrations of significant milestones. In Nov'18, we made our first revenue and in Nov'19 we went live with our first bank. These milestones laid our foundation.

We also celebrate them in order to remind ourselves of the responsibility we shoulder, to build upon that strong foundation and acknowledge the hard work which everyone around us, past and present, has put in to get us to where we are today.

In the last 12 months, we have increased our revenue by more than 50%, diversified the revenue across multiple products & geographies, signed our biggest deal till date and also concluded our first equity buyback. All this while going through a pandemic!

But we can’t risk becoming complacent or feel that we have made it. There are many more milestones to achieve and those cannot be achieved by a complacent team. We have a unique opportunity in front of us, where we can build a sizable business and generate immense value for our team, while remaining independent of external capital. Very few companies have managed to do so over the last decade.

And given our bootstrapped origins and focus on sustainable growth, the problems which we will face over the years will also be unique. We need to learn to patiently deal with these unique challenges. But if we execute well, think long term and perform consistently, I can promise you that as a team, we will surely leave our mark!

Looking forward to creating many more memorable moments!


Ankur Joshi

Founder & CEO, Nuclei

PS: 2021 has surely been a year of mixed emotions, but especially difficult for those whose lives were impacted by covid. I hope we all find the strength to cope through these tough times. And if nothing else, the least this year can teach us all is to be more empathetic towards others. Hoping for a better 2022.


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