Gojek: A Multi-service on-demand platform

Vanshika Rai and Aditya Kshirsagar | Fri 18th Mar, 2022

An Indonesian multi-service platform, Gojek, was started around 2010 as a call center offering instant couriers with the aim of removing friction from people’s lives by connecting customers with merchants with a single application. In 2012, they launched their first mobile application. During the pandemic of 2020, they expanded the application across Southeast Asia. Currently, the application is available in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, India, and Malaysia. Last year Gojek united with Tokopedia (E-commerce platform) to form GoTo. Today it is Indonesia’s first unicorn company and continues to expand its business.

Gojek Growth Journey

Few key stats which measures the growth journey of Gojek are:

  • Application Downloads= 190 mln+
  • Monthly Active Users= 38 mln,
  • Driver partners= 2 mln,
  • Merchant partners= 11 mln (97% micro-small-medium enterprises)
  • GoFood monthly transactions= 50 mln
  • An ecosystem that encompasses 1% of Indonesia’s GDP and 2% with GoTo (as per Q2 2021)

Gojek Revenue Growth

As of 2020, Total Group Gross Transaction Value (GTV)- $22 bln and total transactions- $1.8 bln. Gojek comprises three ecosystems which are: Gojek ecosystem Gojek is the largest food delivery product in Asia, (outside of China), and the largest payments wallet in Southeast Asia.

Products for Customers

With its super-app, Gojek offers more than 20+ services in a single application. Some of which are (Source)

Gojek products

Super-app (Source) Customer engagement is high given use cases are lifestyle in nature. Combine this with great customer experience, and you create retention.

GO-JEK's Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a 35 with 49% promoters, 37% passives, 14% detractors, and 79% customer loyalty! (Source)

Gojek Retention Strategy

  1. The marketing funnel, a tool or a method used by Gojek’s growth team which helps them analyze the customer’s user experience and hence increase in retention.

retention strategy (Source)

“The quickest way to reach our goal is to reduce friction and accelerate the value perceived by customers,” said Puti Ara Zena, Head of growth, Gojek.

  1. Loyalty programs for customers and merchants- rewards, cashbacks, subscription special packages, treasures, etc. make the customers use the application again and again!
  2. Creating a Super-app, where customers find all the essential products in a single app

Gojek didn’t become a super app in Indonesia simply because it offers so many features, it became a super app because it solved so many problems with technology. We aim to do the same and use technology to solve pain points.”- Khun Pinya Nittayakasetwat – Country General Manager, Gojek Thailand.

Gojek and Tokopedia: Gojek, a multi-service on-demand platform, and Tokopedia, an e-commerce platform, have combined to form the GoTo ecosystem, the largest technology group in Indonesia. It is continuously expanding its services and serving 270 million users in Indonesia. This ‘combination’ includes major investors like Alibaba, Facebook, Google, Paypal, Temasek, Tencent, and many other big investors. GoTo targets the daily lifestyle of the customers in a unique way and is ready to be one of the biggest super-app in Southeast Asia.

Super-app Advantages

  • Gojek serves more than 20 services in one application, which makes it accessible for both the customers and merchants
  • It reduces friction in customers’ lives so that the daily transactions are more feasible, saves time and effort
  • Super-app leads to scalability and efficiency as the application upgrades each time according to the customers’ need
  • Super-app is a sign of evolving market, customers have become more particular about the products and services that the application offers

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