Senior Program Manager

Posted on Wed 16th Sep, 2020

Senior Program manager

Job Type: Full Time Experience: 10yrs+ Location: Doesn't matter Degrees: Don't matter

Why are we building Nuclei?

Before we started Nuclei, we listed down a few guiding principles. These were essentially our learning from the previous startups/companies.

  1. Think big, think global and not limit ourselves only to India.

  2. Build a company, not a startup. We wanted to be sustainable from day 1 and build a profitable business. Does not mean that we compromise on growth, but we most definitely avoid unsustainable growth.

  3. Build for the long term, not flip it in a few years.

  4. And most importantly, we wanted to change the perception about India, of being a back-office/outsourcing destination, to a product destination.

All the above points came together to form Nuclei's vision - "To build a well respected global product company."

Why are we targeting the BFSI sector?

Obviously we see a big opportunity in the BFSI sector and it aligns with all of our guiding principles. The banking industry is pretty uniform globally and our products can be easily scaled up across multiples banks and geographies. Working with banks has helped us run a profitable company from day 1 and we intend to remain profitable throughout.

Coming to the problem - Today, banks are not just competing with other banks, but mainly with various consumer tech companies. And if they intend to remain relevant over the next 10yrs, they need to provide better experience to their customers and build a deeper relationship with them.

At Nuclei, we are building products which enables banks to achieve these objectives.

Roles & Responsibilities:

The role will require you to Coordinate with senior stakeholders across banking clients, Handle cross-functional client side communications, Prioritize & manage product roadmap & delivery and Provide regular updates to bank's COOs/EDs/CDOs.

Principal Responsibilities:

  • Lead and co-ordinate with a cross-functional teams. Both external and internal.

  • Control quality of the product and Manage delivery timelines.

  • Discuss with the client and manage the product scope and roadmap.

  • Oversee product development and delivery.

  • Closely track the progress and highlight any bottle necks. Work with relevant teams to resolve those bottle necks.

  • Regularly communicate updates and delivery timelines to all stakeholders.

  • Setup processes for smooth coordination between clients' teams and our teams.

  • Bring in required process and industry best practices for smooth delivery of products

  • Set up suitable MIS and reporting structures to share with both internal and external stakeholders.

  • Lead meetings with department heads and CXOs of Banks.

Good to have: Experience of project management tools, knowledge of quality assurance process, knowledge of System Architecture, various environments and deployment process.

What we need:

  • Need someone who will enjoys working under pressure, has delivered products in the past to banking clients and loves to take complete ownership of tasks.

  • Should have 10yrs+ of experience and having a technical background would be helpful

  • We are blind to your educational qualifications, college or branch of study.

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