Chief of Staff/ Head - CEO's Office

Posted on Tue 13th Oct, 2020

Job Type: Full Time Experience: 5yrs+ Location: Doesn't matter Degrees: Don't matter

Why are we building Nuclei?

Before we started Nuclei, we listed down a few guiding principles. These were essentially our learning from the previous startups/companies.

1. Think big, think global, and not limit ourselves only to India.

2. Build a company, not a startup. We wanted to be sustainable from day 1 and build a profitable business. Does not mean that we compromise on growth, but we most definitely avoid unsustainable growth.

3. Build for the long term, not flip it in a few years.

4. And most importantly, we wanted to change the perception about India, of being a back-office/outsourcing destination, to a product destination.

All the above points came together to form Nuclei's vision - "To build a well respected global product company."

Why are we targeting the BFSI sector?

- Obviously, we see a big opportunity in the BFSI sector and it aligns with all of our guiding principles.

- The banking industry is pretty uniform globally and our products can be easily scaled up across multiple banks and geographies. Working with banks has helped us run a profitable company from day 1 and we intend to remain profitable throughout.

- Today, banks are not just competing with other banks, but with various consumer tech companies. To remain relevant over the next 10yrs, they need to provide a better experience to their customers and build a deeper relationship with them.

At Nuclei, we are building products that enable banks to achieve these objectives.

What will you do?

- Shadow the CEO and execute across various parts of the business.

- Strategise & execute various key initiatives across the company.

- Take ownership of important strategic and operational tasks, and be actively involved in driving growth.

- Learn quickly, adapt, and work hard to regularly deliver high-quality output.

Who should apply?

- Founder DNA is a must! 3 years+ experience of running your startup or 5yrs+ of experience in a startup are a must.

- Individuals who want (and have earned) freedom and autonomy to build their teams and run their business.

- Confident, structured, and incredibly passionate individuals who want to take ownership of tasks and work independently.

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